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“Caught between the Walls”
by Sharon Frayne.

185 + viii pages, paperback, ISBN 978-0-9865772-9-1

Once there was the mighty Niagara Courthouse and Gaol. Now, all that remains is an historic plaque. Built after Niagara was burned in 1813, ‘the finest building in Canada’ housed thousands of desperate people between 1817 - 1920. Ten haunting tales of prisoners, paupers, rebels and traitors are shared by gifted storyteller, Sharon Frayne. She breathes life into the untold tales of Canada’s Indigenous people, our first race riot, impoverished British orphans and Polish Soldiers training before heading to the battlegrounds of The Great War. Discover the compelling stories of people whose experiences shaped Canadian history. Angelique Pilotte, Solomon Moseby, Robert Gourlay, Benjamin Wait, William Lyon McKenzie, Maria Rye and the others who were caught between the walls of the now vanished building. About the Author: After a lengthy career as an educator, Sharon Frayne has assumed a full time writing and painting career in Niagara-on-the-Lake. She is a member of the Canadian Author’s Association and the Niagara Writer’s Circle. Her award winning stories have appeared in on line publications, local newspapers and in the Rising Spirits Anthology.


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“Laura Ingersoll Secord, Edition 2”
by David F. Hemmings.

255 + xiv pages, paperback, ISBN 978-0-09865772-4-6

This non-fiction book describes the life and family of the famous Canadian heroine, Laura Secord (1775-1868). The transcriptions of petitions, early publicity and plaques of or about Laura, her husband James and their children – and from a British officer, James FitzGibbon – give insights into Secord family opportunities and their financial status. The 700 direct descendants of Laura Secord to the eighth generation, or present day, are also listed. Laura Ingersoll Secord performed an act of heroism, extraordinary and courageous espionage conducted by a woman in wartime from behind enemy lines. It took a sensitive Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada, and later the Prince of Wales, to recognize Laura Secord’s heroism and her contribution to the British wartime cause in 1813. Her bravery and exemplary life epitomize the way ordinary loyalists lived with strife on the Niagara frontier in the early nineteenth century.


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“Disappearing History of Niagara”
by David F. Hemmings.

358 + xvi pages, paperback, ISBN 978-0-9865772-0-8

This book contains all 10,000 documented burials, indexed by family name for 30 graveyards in Niagara Township, Ontario. The information spans 200 years, from 1780 to 1979, despite the erosion and loss of grave markers which have contributed to the disappearance of historical evidence. Cultural data is also provided, such as age and gravestone motifs. This includes documented and photographic evidence with genealogical updates, analyses and easily-searchable lists for an historic frontier township which contributed greatly to the freedom of Canada.


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“Captured in the War of 1812”
by David F. Hemmings & Joshua J. Lichty.

272 + x pages, paperback, ISBN 978-0-09733078-3-2

Captured by the American patriot army, marched hundreds of miles to remote parts of America, held as hostages, removed from what is familiar, placed in tight quarters for a extended duration of time... Thousands of British and Canadian troops were contained in U.S. camps and towns from Massachusetts to Kentucky and, for the majority of cases, shown honour and respect by their captors. The prisoners were clothed, fed and provided some comforts as they waited out the duration of the war, or until a prisoner exchange was organized. This is the first full description of the POW camps and those 5,200 soldiers and some sailors captured in land and lake engagements around or near Ontario and Quebec. The book is published by the Niagara Historical Society and sold outside Niagara on the Lake by Bygones Publishing.


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“Recollections... Stories of the NOTL Hospital Auxiliary”
by David Hemmings & Laurie Harley.

96 pages, paperback, No ISBN

The Niagara on the Lake Hospital Auxiliary recognized it had access to a wealth of information within its membership. Several long-service members had experience dating back to the 1950s. For decades, their stories had delighted and inspired newer generations of volunteers. Their recollections merited a place in the written history of the Auxiliary so the community would remember its spirit as well as its history. There is hardly a senior member of today’s Auxiliary that has not been served at some time by the Hospital. Their commitment to the values of compassion and caring are as strong today as they were for founding members 90 years ago. The book is published by the Niagara on the Lake Hospital Auxiliary, and also sold by Bygones Publishing. It has no ISBN.


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